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Totally Nutz® Franchise Owners – From the French Countryside to the Nevada Desert

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Franchise Owners Move from the French Country Side to the Nevada Desert

After discovering the affordable franchise opportunity with Totally Nutz, Candice, and Francois packed up their family and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada from north-central France.

“Totally Nutz business concept was attractive to us because we believe it suits our needs. The on-site process allows customers to see and taste the freshest product possible”, said Candice. “They are sold at places intended for relaxation and leisure with every day being a new adventure.”

“I am excited to be working as a family in our Totally Nutz business.  Creating jobs for others and becoming a snack vendor fixture in the Las Vegas and Henderson markets are my main goals,” said Candice. ” I love interacting with people and being able to offer them a positive experience at their event.”

Candice has already achieved success as a concessions vendor for the Las Vegas Motor Speedway working NASCAR, The Electric Daisy Carnival and many other speedway events. “She is definitely a go-getter”, said Totally Nutz Director, Jennifer Aldrich.

Candice holds a B.S. Degree in Social and Economic Administration. She has many years of experience working in the business world.  She will be running her Totally Nutz franchise with the support of her family.

To learn more about the Totally Nutz Franchise business opportunity visit


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