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There Are Two Revenues Streams with Totally Nutz Franchise

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Totally Nutz Franchise Sales Revenue

Gourmet Nut Franchise, a Delicious, Healthy Alternative at Sporting & Events Centers Nationwide

There is more than one revenue stream with the Totally Nutz Franchise opportunity: Event sales and gift box sales.

Jamey completed new franchisee training at the Totally Nutz Corporate Headquarters in St. George, Utah, in December of 2017.  Upon arriving back home, Jamey begin to reach out to friends, colleagues and business owners to promote his holiday gift box sales. Jamey’s main focus was promoting his products and differentiating himself from other offerings being considered by his prospects.

The result – hundreds of gift box, pillow box and poly bag sales. The feedback was extremely positive from the recipients who received a fresh roasted, low fat, gluten-free gift as a thank-you for their hard work and dedication.

“So Good They’ll Drive You Crazy!”

To find your nearest Totally Nutz franchisee, visit .

Totally Nutz is the perfect companion for cheering on your favorite team, walking the halls of a convention center, or enjoying your favorite band in concert.  Totally Nutz Gift Boxes are excellent choices for gifting to or recognizing someone for their hard work.

For more information on a Totally Nutz Franchise, visit .


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