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Totally Nutz Franchise – Working local events leads to unique opportunities

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You Never Know Who You Will Meet at the Fair

Totally Nutz is a Gourmet Nut Franchise, a Delicious, Healthy Alternative at Sporting & Events Centers Nationwide

Franchisee, Todd, from Arizona, is no stranger in his local event community.  Last season, he met a customer at the Arizona State Fair who had a fantastic job – an event planner for a large, local business.

The event planner offered Todd an opportunity to work with her at an employee appreciation day the following week. It was a fun, lucrative, one-day event where Todd roasted fresh, cinnamon glazed nuts to give out to attendees. It was very well attended and filled with fun and lots of excitement.

This story just goes to show that being out in your local community, offering excellent customer service and quality products can lead to opportunity. You just never know who you will meet at the fair!

Totally Nutz is the perfect companion for sporting and concert venues, convention centers, airports, festivals, and fairs.

To learn more about a Totally Nutz franchise opportunity go to

“So Good They’ll Drive You Crazy!”

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