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Totally Nutz® Franchise Training for New Franchisees

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Gourmet Nut Franchise, a Delicious, Healthy Alternative at Sporting & Events Centers Nationwide

The Ziegler family just completed franchise training at Totally Nutz Corporate. Both Peggy and Jack have spent most of their careers in the department store industry in the Pennsylvania area.

Jack is ready to retire after being in the industry for the past 45 years. Peggy, who worked in marketing and event planning, left full-time employment when she gave birth to the triplets 16 years ago. We asked Peggy about their experience with Totally Nutz.

Why did you choose Totally Nutz?

We were looking for a simple business model that offered a product which would be easy to sell. We knew that Totally Nutz was the right business choice for us because we love their nuts.

When we attend any type of event and we smell the aroma of cinnamon, sugar, and vanilla we cannot pass it up. We must buy the glazed nuts every single time. Totally Nutz offers a simple business concept that will make it easy to own and operate in Pennsylvania. There are no high costs for brick and mortar.

What did you learn on your discovery day?

We learned a lot about the founders, Matt & Yvette, how they got started and ran their business with their young children in tow. Our plan is to work our business as a family, so it was good to see another family’s success. Being able to see the nut roasting and glazing process, tour the facility and meet the entire Totally Nutz team was awesome.

Tell us about your Totally Nutz new franchisee training

We thought that training was great! Totally Nutz has proven that their model is successful so there is no reason to make any changes. They provide guidelines and policies which will ensure our success. Everything we covered in class is in the operations manual or in the library for us to access. We have already seen how awesome the support is from the corporate team. We know they are just a phone call, text or email away to providing a timely answer to our questions.

What is your favorite part of being a Totally Nutz franchisee?

We are excited to work together as a family. With Jack retiring soon we will all be able to spend more quality time together while making memories. We are big sports fans and love attending and working local events in our area. This is a whole new adventure and we are looking forward to it all.

To learn more about a Totally Nutz Franchise opportunity, click here

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